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Any of the programs below can be tailored to your service setting. When you enquire we will discuss your needs and develop an approach that helps you meet your goals. Andrew has formal training in training needs analysis and this will be applied to your circumstances.

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Clinical supervision workshops are available on request.

A reflective supervision group for supervisors is currently available through ANZAED consultation


Family Based Therapy (FBT) is the current first line outpatient treatment for adolescents experiencing anorexia nervosa.First developed at the Maudsley Hospital, London in the 1980's with further development an manulaisation in the USA at Stanford and Chicago. 

FBT integrates concepts from a number of family therapy models in a developmentally sensitive framework and hold s the basic premise that parents are the best resource to help their child recover from anorexia nervosa. FBT commences with a focus on parental leadership of the young person's nutritional recovery and finishes with a focus on adolescent issues. 

Family Based Therapy 2-Day Intensive Workshop 

  • Theoretical framework, including the evidence base and role of the multidisciplinary team

  • Detailed description of treatment phases, key sessions and therapeutic processes

  • Guided role plays to help develop participants micro skill development

*Also runs as an online training

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Attachment based family therapy

Attachment Based Family Therapy (ABFT) is a manualised evidence based treatment developed for adolescents with depression and suicidality. 

ABFT was developed at Drexel University in Philadelphia, USA, and is built on the premise that young people experiencing depression are not utilising the protective attachment system that should exist with their parents. ABFT aims to repair this attachment system by working with the family through 5 tasks over about 4 months.

Attachment Based Family Therapy Day 1 Workshop

  • Theoretical framework, including the evidence base

  • Focus on introducing the 5 therapeutic tasks with video demonstrations and discussion

*Also runs as an online training


Multiple Family Therapy for adolescent anorexia nervosa is an evidence based treatment first developed at the Maudsley Hospital, London in the early 2000's. It is theoretically based in the single family therapy concepts but with the added strengths of brining families together to support each other while treatment is delivered in an intensive format.

Multi-family therapy Workshop 4-Days

  • Theoretical framework, including the evidence base

  • Covers key group activities 

  • Utilises the training group for an in vivo group training experience that simulates the therapy

SYSTEMIC family therapy

Systemic family therapy is a broad term for a contemporary approach to therapy for a broad range of family problems. At its heart systemic therapy recognises the inter connections between family members and their social systems. Using an interview style based on reflexive questioning and reflection families are supported to gain insight and try new behaviours to solve their difficulties. Systemic therapy has been used for a wide range of clinical problems.

Systemic Family Therapy 2-Day Workshop

  • Theoretical framework 

  • Structured guidelines for the first tow sessions covered with role play demonstrations and coaching

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